Roc Marciano is a thoughtful man. He knew the world wouldn’t be able to withstand the raw genius of his next album without a prep course. So Marciano released The Pimpire Strikes Back this week to ease us back into his world. It’s the album before the album, a left brain to be followed by his upcoming Marci Beaucoup.”Every song is me featuring artists that I fuck with in the business,” Marciano said in an interview with HipHopDX. “Most of this album is to feature my production.”

Pimpire is a family affair. Collaborations with Action Bronson, Lord Finesse, Madlib, and Alchemist headline a long list of combination punches that are always backed by Marciano’s cool control. The Bronsolino-topped “Sincerely Antique” and Alchemist’s “Ten Toes Down” beat are just two jewels in a heavy crown.

Hopefully Pimpire doesn’t get overshadowed and forgotten when Marci Beaucoup hits shelves in the coming months. Because Pimpire has not only provided me with a beautiful listening experience, it has allowed me to type the word “pimpire” and send it out into the internet with a straight face.

Stream “Sincerely Antique” below, followed by a full stream of The Pimpire Strikes Back.