Hearing that Disclosure had organized a Settle remix album was enough to send a couple shivers down the ol’ spinal cord. Seeing names like SOHN and DJ Premier on the tracklist, well, that was good for a seize and a lingering twitch.

With the album’s release just a week away, we’re beginning to hear the remixes at a steady trickle. Today comes with the revelation that you can turn dance music into hip-hop, and not just vice versa. DJ Premier delivers a stunning “Latch,” trading in all the synths and most of the drums for a piano that gives more than a couple nods to Dr. Dre and Wu-Tang. It sound right off Moment of Truth, except there’s an Englishman going crazy on the verse instead of Guru’s contemplations.

And that chorus…So, to recap, DJ Premier peeks into another genre casually proves once again why he is one of the prolific producers of all-time. Stream his “Latch” below, and look out for the full Disclosure Settle remixes December 17.