A mere two weeks after largely anonymous London R&B singer Tev’n arrived with warmly skeletal singles “Rose Petal” and “Falling Away,” he releases his excellent first mixtape with similarly subdued fanfare.

“Solitude” is the sort of affair you might expect from a man who cites influences as broad-reaching as Burial, Donnell Jones, and Nina Simone. Song sketches, fully fleshed out ideas, and instrumentals make up the brisk but ambitious 16 minute and 45 second run time, a collection of warm synths, skittering drums, and jagged samples–the creation of a sonic world that wears its influences on its sleeve without being bound to the weight of their memory, seamlessly blending ideas and never outstaying its welcome. “Solitude” is a tantalizing, all-too-brief peak into Tev’n’s world, ideally an indicator of greater things still on the horizon.