When St. Vincent posted the missing puzzle piece to an image on her Instagram last night, fans speculated it might be the cover to her new album. And they were right. Today, the singer and multi-instrumentalist also known as Annie Clark officially announced that her forthcoming self-titled LP produced by John Congleton will be released February 25, 2014. Along with that announcement, she also dropped off the album’s first single “Birth In Reverse,” an expectedly edgy, guitar heavy track, as well as the tracklist and album artwork. Of the album, which was recorded in Dallas, Clark says in a press release, “I knew the groove needed to be paramount. I wanted to make a party record you could play at a funeral.”

Stream “Birth In Reverse” and take a look at the album’s tracklist below. Also, check out the cover art above.

1. “Rattlesnake”
2. “Birth In Reverse”
3. “Prince Johnny”
4. “Huey Newton”
5. “Digital Witness”
6. “I Prefer Your Love”
7. “Regret”
8. “Bring Me Your Loves”
9. “Psychopath”
10. “Every Tear Disappears”
11. “Severed Crossed Fingers”