Boston’s Adam Taylor Young is in the band ABADABAD, and Sweet Nothing is his debut solo album. He had some plans for the album release, but this post on Portals explains what happened with that. Instead of a proper release strategy, he’s put songs on SoundCloud and Bandcamp, allowing listeners to decide what they’d like to pay—obviously, this is the equivalent of giving the album away for free. But people are taking notice, and those who listen to Sweet Nothing speak highly of it. It’s a consistent album—if you like one song on this album, there is a good chance that you will like them all.

An excellent entry point is “Worse Things.” It’s a song we found on Faded Arrow and one that is a strong representation of Adam’s sound. It’s built on melodies that could have come from the pop rock of the ’50s or ’60s, but it feels more like the DIY music of the 2000s, except without too much extra fuzz or annoying slacker vibes. It feels genuine.

A second song to check out is the song right after “Worse Things.” It’s called “Why Do Fools Fall Out Of Love?”

If you like those two, listen to the whole album and download it below.