The term alt R&B sucks, but it’s useful. It’s useful because there is a particular style of R&B that’s been permeating the indie scene over the past years, and it’s far from what you’d normally associate with the traditional R&B genre. It’s helpful to label this alternative, but it sucks because once we start grouping things together, we create this false connection between a bunch of artists who are each unique and different.

Loe doesn’t really consider himself part of a genre, but he’s okay with the “alternative” label, even though it really doesn’t do him justice. He’s not the next Frank Ocean, the new How To Dress Well, or an imitation of The Weeknd. Not at all. “It’s hard to explain because honestly I never had a genre,” he explains. “But I would consider it easier experimental R&B, or new wave/indie R&B, sort of.”

Loe is 25 years old, born in France, raised in Detroit, and currently living in New York City. He’s influenced by Sade, Prince, Morrissey, The Weeknd, Sigur Ros, U2, Miguel, Radiohead, The xx, Aaliyah, and John Lennon. His songs are raw and personal, experimental without being challenging. He’s got a 7-song EP tentatively titled Live Out Everyday,┬ácoming up on February 6, and so far the beautiful “Bare” is the only song he’s shared from the project. If it’s any indication of what’s to come, Loe is one to keep an eye on.

EP Tracklist:
1. Dissapear
2. Yours
3. All The Right Things
4. Bare
5. Make Me Wanna Yell
6. Vodka Left Me…So F**ked Up
7. Call If You Care