DOOM has a very particular style, which makes it interesting that he brings out different sides of producers who choose to work with him or remix him. Some imitate DOOM-style production as best as they can, some get wildly experimental, and some fail miserably because DOOM’s intricate flow is not something that you can easily bend to fit your needs. This makes it even better when a remix does work out, and it’s probably part of the reason why DOOM is such a popular choice for remixers. We did some Soundcloud digging and came up with a handful of awesome DOOM remixes worth your time.

MF DOOM x Grip Grand – “Jive Turkeys”

Originally on the GG DOOM project, this Grip Grand remix also appears on the recent DOOM vs. Skrilla mixtape featuring several producers taking on DOOM for blends and remixes. Check out GG DOOM here, and stream/download the DOOM vs. Skrilla tape here.

DOOM – “My Favorite Ladies (Equal Remix)”

Producer Equalibrum laces DOOM with a piano-driven beat.

MF DOOM – “Vomit (3:33 Remix)”

Great sound quality and a creepy, dark beat has DOOM sounding his most villainous.

JJ DOOM – “Rhymin Slang (Dave Sitek Remix)”

Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio always kills his remixes (just check out his recent take on Run The Jewels‘ “Sea Legs”), and this one adds a gritty, industrial vibe that suits DOOM’s raw rhymes perfectly.


This remix from jazz-punk trio BADBADNOTGOOD drips pure evil, with spare percussion and a creepy vocal sample detailing some unnamed threat to children everywhere. A soundtrack to nightmares and horror films.

JJ DOOM – “Retarded Fren (Thom Yorke/Johnny Greenwood Remix)”

Collision of the genius weirdos as Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood add a few extra layers to this JJ DOOM cut, which becomes even more ominous thanks to the clattering drums and layers of fuzz.