Misun’s back with another one. After keeping busy in 2013, the group is keeping up the pace 2014. Following up “Nothing Else,” they drop “Travel With Me,” another slice of catchy pop that sounds like a vacation. It’s got a bit of a tropical vibe to it, but what Misun does best is sound like Misun—a touch of the tropical, a pinch of R&B, some electronic touches, and a melodic backbone that makes it all work.

From their SoundCloud:

By way of Washington DC, the Los Angeles based four-piece is comprised of vocalist and namesake Misun Wojcik, bassist William Devon, guitarist and producer Nacey and drummer Jon Jester. The group initially met working at a restaurant, and it wasn’t long before they began exploring their musical vices. Their debut EP “The Sea” was released in the summer of 2012 on T&A Records. Misun have since cultivated their fan base organically — through a series of self-released digital singles in 2013.

In 2014 Misun release a new limited edition 7″ single via B3SCI Records. This AA-side single is not only the bands first release on vinyl, but it serves as a next frontier for the grand landscape of their ideas and sound, revealing an edgier, ambitious vision of the future. The songs on the release were recorded in Silverlake, Los Angeles with the help the co-production and engineering prowess of Mad Decent hitmaker Derek Allen.