It’s no secret that Archy Marshall/King Krule is a budding music historian. He was basically raised between amps and drum kits. So it’s no surprise that his side projects (he’s been known as Edgar the Beatmaker, DJ JD Sports, and Zoo Kid at different points in time) are steeped in the given genre’s foundations.

Sub Luna City is a hip-hop collective featuring Marshall (Edgar here) and his cohorts: Rago Foot, Jadasea, and Black Mack. Together they dropped an unexpected mixtape today, called “City Rivims Mk 1,” a little slice of phonetic spelling bereft with lazy jazz samples and nods to J Dilla. Marshall’s stuttering, hazy production creates a beautiful swirling, chilled-out vibe throughout the tape. Standouts include “She whispered in my ear,” the aptly-titled instrumental “2 Cats,” and “Weed and Warfare.”

Stream the mixtape in full below.