It’s difficult to define the precise axis around which the sound the Neighbourhood has carved for themselves orbits–part indie, part hip-hop influence, and large part pop. Within the past two years, its won over fans on both the true alternative side and, most recently and prevailingly, on the alternative radio side–mainstream listeners, looking for something catchy and interesting that exists a bit outside the bounds of traditional Top 40 pop.

Though it’s potentially a losing venture to surmise the Neighbourhood’s influence on a group like Pittsburgh’s Badboxes (itself only two years old), it’s hard to deny that the former group laid a genre-mixing framework for similarly-minded acts to build on.

Badboxes’ new single “Look 2 Me” puts pop and rock elements at the core of a production draped in pretty arpeggios, electronics, and vocal effects. Creating a particular dreaminess, “Look 2 Me” does enough not to feel derivative, though its elements are a coat of polish away from the realm of alternative radio.

Listen to “Look 2 Me” below.