On his debut Aesthetics EP, Manchester’s Bipolar Sunshine exhibited a gift for aching, evocative songwriting (see: “Fire“) and for pop-leaning anthems (see: “Rivers“). Though at times he hinted at a marriage between the two, few songs in his modest discography achieved the union as successfully as newest release “Where Did The Love Go.”

As it plays its way into gear–sunny, reverb-dappled piano set against the faint sound of children’s laughter–”Where Did The Love Go” sounds of a piece with “Fire,” low key and beautiful. Its chorus pushes it into almost pure pop territory, one of the most memorable Bipolar Sunshine architect Adio Marchant has yet crafted, immediate and sentimental enough to stick without jumping too far into treacly territory.

As he makes the transition into more traditionally pop-leaning records, it’s great to see that Marchant is finding ways to fuse the elements that initially caught our ears with the structure and craft that will hopefully grant him an ever-larger audience. Listen to “Where Did The Love Go” below.