You know when you have the best idea in the world but not the time and means to execute it properly? So you just kinda throw it together haphazardly and feel a little better about your life because hey, at least you tried. dd elle is a mysterious new artist (check the Facebook) that has been making the rounds with the beautiful “Kind 2 U.” It sounds like a great idea.

The Fader compared it to Jai Paul. Crack in the Road compared it to SOPHIE. The Line of Best Fit compared it to┬áKarin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife. But the thing is, “Kind 2 U” is probably not going to resonate with the average listener, unplugged from the world of music blogs and online hype. It sounds unfinished and unmastered. The vocals are mumbled and hushed, the production shows flashes of brilliance but feels unbalanced. It’s almost frustrating to listen to, but despite the shitty mastering, the song itself is beautiful and that is enough reason to keep revisiting “Kind 2 U” and hoping that maybe this is just a rough draft of the best idea in the world.