We first encountered Atlanta’s Lil Silk on single “Rapper,” a whirlwind of energy reminiscent of elements of some of the rap’s favorite (and simultaneously most reviled) eccentrics, Young Thug, Soulja Boy, and Lil B. Silk’s style won’t work for some, but his energy makes an immediate impression–it’s the sort that lends itself well to unexpected rap hits, the songs that bubble up out of a region, reach some sort of Internet notoriety, gaining momentum as the conversation grows on and offline (think Que‘s “OG Bobby Johnson”).

Silk’s Son of a Hustler mixtape is packed with precisely the sort of high energy antics and off-the-wall rapping that piqued curiosity on “Rapper.” Songs like “Twix” and “Today” showcase Silk’s odd sense of humor and unhinged flow, at once inspired by the sounds of Atlanta and Chicago’s hip-hop scenes and a bizarre burst of electricity all its own.

Read a short interview with the mad mind behind “Rapper” and download Son of a Hustler below.

You’ve got a pretty animated flow. How long have you been rapping and how long did it take you to develop this particular style?
Just goin to the studio making music and finding myself. Trial and error mainly. Every artist must find themselves. You will know when you get to that point.

Do you think of your music as weird?
Yea I do. It’s weird as shit. Hell I don’t even know what I’ll say next.

What’s your writing process like?
Fast and turnt. Sometimes I write to no beat and put it on the beat. All the beats I’m interested in that’s in my email I know by hard so I know what would sound good with it.

What do you need for a good recording session?
Weed..a bunch of people I fuck with…I love to record in front of people especially girls. And a wine black and mild lol.

Who are your favorite rappers?
I’m fucking with Ross, Wayne of course. Nicki’s my baby mama.

If you could get one rapper for the “Rapper” remix, who would it be?
Drake would kill it. He got that little Atlanta flow he been poppin lately.

If you couldn’t get Drake on “Rapper,” who would be your second choice?
2 chainz might go crazy too though.

“Rapper” has turned some heads online, but how has it done in the real world?
“Rapper” isn’t even the one that’s buzzing real hard in the streets the street hit is “Silent.” “Rapper” took the fuck off online though. It’s still spreading I know when the tape drop it’s going to relaunch–plus the video is epic.

Does it feel like Atlanta is going through a rap renaissance?
Not quite renaissance. Chicago killin shit. My city.

Who’s the most interesting rapper out right now (that isn’t you) in your opinion?
Keef goofy ass. That’s my boy. Matter fact I’m gonna put Keef ass on Rapper on some real Chicago drill shit like a drillmix. Him and Louie. How the fuck they gon’ stop that?

If you could only rhyme two words ever again, what would the be?
Rapper with wrapper. Lol Lil Silks a rapper, Big Silks a WRAPPER!!

Who is a rapper?
LIL SILKS A RAPPER duhhhhhhh bro!!