Dublin-based trio Sleep Thieves make perfect music for a late night drive through quieting streets, past twinkling lights and the occasional wanderer–the sort of music that sits wonderfully alongside the work of groups like Glass Candy and Chromatics (both acts that have played a part in soundtracking the ’80s-inspired films of director Nicholas Winding Refn who, as mentioned in our introduction to Sleep Thieves, might want to consider the band for his next film). New single “City Of Hearts” matches the sparkling retro vibe of predecessor “Sparks,” turning the proceedings in a darker direction while maintaining the cinematic, airy scope that made the group’s initial offering worth a listen.

If you’re not a fan of this particular corner of ’80s influence, “City Of Hearts” is unlikely to sway your opinion; for those seeking a fix, Sleep Thieves’ latest is satisfying nostalgia.