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The great thing about watching sports with the sound off is that you can play the perfect song at the perfect moment. Forget about listening to old guys rattle off statistics and explain pointless details about formations, strategy, and history. Just mute the TV and get these songs ready.


Any time someone does something that makes you say “whoa,” play “Whoa.” It just makes sense.


When your team is killing it and you just want the whole world see you winning, play something funky.


When your team is sucking and everyone’s rubbing it in your face because you’re dressed like an asshole and you wish that you would have just worn a jersey and a hat, clearly you need some sad clown music.


Whenever you watch a replay over and over and over and wonder, “HOW THE HELL HE COULD DO THAT!?”


When someone makes a diving catch so awesome that even witnessing it makes you feel like a damn superstar.


When one of your drunk friends tries to celebrate like the players they see on TV.


When your team wins and you feel like a champion.


When your team loses and you’re going to spend the rest of your night drinking alone.