The Acid were going for the mystery approach when they released The Acid EP but we now know who’s behind the project, and it’s a pretty impressive trio. British Producer and DJ Adam Freeland, Californian producer, composer, professor of music technology, and Ableton expert Steve Nalepa, and recent P&P favorite Ry X, behind the excellent “Berlin,” team up as The Acid to make minimal, experimental pop music.

Alternating between punishing percussion and delicate vocals, “Creeper” is a wonderful melding of the three artist’s talents.

The Acid’s debut album Liminal will be out June 2. Pre-order the album here and get an immediate download of”Creeper.”


1. Animal
2. Veda
3. Creeper
4. Fame
5. Ra
6. Tumbling Lights
7. Ghost
8. Basic Instinct
9. Red
10. Clean
11. Feed