As reported earlier, the people behind HBO’s hugely popular Game of Thrones will be releasing a mixtape in hopes of appealing to a larger demographic. Well, we now have our first taste of the tapeā€”Big Boi’s contribution, an ode to Khaleesi, the “Mother of Dragons.”

It’ll be harder for those who don’t follow the show religiously to understand exactly what’s going on, but Big Boi name-checks many of the characters (a highlight: “fuck the Lannisters and everyone ridin’ with ’em”), weaving through the show’s storyline. But regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of GoT, this will most likely elicit some WTFs. Like, this is Big Boi. Rapping about a fantasy drama that features dragons, direwolves, and mythical, goblin-like creatures. 2014, everyone.

Catch the Throne will be released later this month via SoundCloud. Listen to “Mother of Dragons” below.