The first time I heard Kwabs’ distinct voice was on a 2012 cover of James Blake’s “The Wilhelm Scream.” It’s a classically beautiful voice that can prompt chills, but what do you do with a voice like that? Do you put it on stripped down piano ballads and easy listening string arrangements? It’s almost too good for modern music, where auto-tuning, overproduction, and vocal pitching strip the human voice of power.

But things work the other way around, too. If the auto-tuning, overproduction, and pitching are to blame for cheapening modern music, maybe the most powerful thing that can be done is to introduce a voice like Kwabs’. His latest is “Pray For Love,” produced by Plan B and out May 6, and it’s more proof that Kwabs doesn’t need a piano ballad to show off those vocals. Hear more from Kwabs here, and read out interview with him here.