With London Grammar, Arthur Beatrice, and a small cavalcade of other acts leading the way, a more organic sound is creeping into pop music again. Though none of these acts has yet to truly blow, they’ve built often well-deserved buzz and, in turn, garnered major label backing. The beast of radio turns slowly, but a shift is happening on the seafloor and it’s already begun to breach the surface.

London sextet The Night VI’s new single “Sienna” fits nicely into that landscape–uptempo, but melancholy, a showcase for a true band. The track was born of hostile encounter between group member Jack Gourlay and a new girlfriend’s ex, which “got [the band] thinking about the special hurt when you’re the one that’s been left behind.” The Night VI capture that sensation without ever giving up the groove, marrying a pop sensibility with keen, honest songwriting.

Listen to “Sienna” below.