Add Oscar and The Wolf to the list of rule-benders mixing the fringes of modern R&B, electronic music, and all manner of other kitchen sink influences into pretty nightmares for would-be classifiers. Pulling from a variety of sources (late 19th/early 20th century composer Erik Satie is cited as an inspiration, for example), it seems a fruitless endeavor to slap a simple genre on the group and eerie, gorgeous new song “Undress” (from their upcoming debut full length Entity).

Building on a sensual groove lent a haunting air by singer Max Colombie’s warbling vocals–beautiful in their peculiarity–”Undress” sounds akin to much else being released at the moment and yet wholly other, a transmission from recesses unknown. Dark, wonderful music to begin the week.

Listen to “Undress” below and watch the video for the band’s previous release “Princes” here.