Ever since Boots was discovered as a mysterious collaborator on the new Beyoncé album, there have been a lot of questions. He slowly revealed himself through music, and today he dropped a new song with Complex and then shared the above photo of himself. Right after, a feature with Vogue went up, with Boots explaining that he never really set out to be a mystery. “That was just a side effect from my sidestepping the normal conventional thing most people do,” he explains. “Most people would have just ridden that wave and then probably just ridden it right down a well. It’s not hard to get caught up in the hype.”

In addition to the photo and the feature, he’s shared a new duet with Beyoncé. And just like that, the mystery surrounding Boots starts to dissipate. His next move, according to the interview with Vogue: “I’m going to turn my phone off. And I’ve been wanting to go somewhere with a beach for a minute, for sure.”

Listen to “Dreams” below.

Some details on the song:

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