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With so much synth pop coming out lately, the market is almost saturated. Almost. Make room for one more.

Monogem is a Los Angeles duo made up of singer/songwriter Jen Hirsh and producer/songwriter Scott Smith, along with a full band for live shows. Avoiding all the flashy modern sounds and experimental trappings of new trends, Monogem focuses on strong songwriting that would have resonated in any decade. Despite all the electronics, there’s a retro vibe here and a straightforward, crisp quality that makes these songs sink in right away.

“It’s about letting go and transporting yourself into another realm,” Hirsh says of the upcoming album. “Everybody can relate, or at least I hope so, to that feeling you get on the dancefloor.”

For now, check out a couple of songs below, and hear more on SoundCloud.

If you’re in Los Angeles, catch Monogem’s residency at Bootleg Bar in May: