Little Dragon’s Nabuma Rubberband is out May 13, and the band is doing the talk show rounds to share the fact that they’ve created another masterpiece (from what we’ve heard so far). “Let Go” is the latest offering, a more restrained and spacious cut. Yukimi Nagano dances over airy synths like a waterbug and, as always, Little Dragon delivers at the chorus. “Let Go” is available, according to the press release, “as an instant gratification download” with a pre-order of Rubberband. Which brings us back to Queen Latifah.

The band will appear on “The Queen Latifah Show” tomorrow night, and, fingers crossed, the set will somehow end with Queen Latifah onstage, debuting the collaboration I’ve been dreaming of since Set It Off. Little Dragon has already proved themselves fully capable of hip-hop collaborations, and I feel like we don’t even need to get into Queen Latifah’s merits and accomplishments. That’s an essay. That’s a book.

Stream “Let Go” below, and scroll through the accompanying GIFs to get a taste of what could go down tomorrow night.