Here’s the latest from Chicago’s Lucki Eck$, one of our favorite new artists and recent addition to Danny Brown’s tour. This Hot Sugar-prodcued song is part of the Closed Sessions, a documentary series that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how this music comes together. From the Closed Sessions SoundCloud description:

“A couple weeks ago we released a documentary from our Closed Session with Lucki Eck$. Today we bring you one of the songs recorded that day, ‘All Senses.’ This was kind of a new sound for Lucki, who switched it up from the slower & spacious production that he’s used to. We think it turned out really well, and enjoy hearing Lucki over a little faster and more drum heavy records. This was recorded the same day as ‘Boomin’,’ and drops just after Lucki was added to the Danny Brown tour.”

Watch the documentary below: