While casual fans might complain about the rough edges exposed by young artists releasing lots of music on the internet, there’s a certain power in building fans through laying the development process bare. Kevin Abstract and his Alive Since Forever crew haven’t flooded inboxes and blogs over the past two and a half years, but they have released enough music to apply a consistent pressure of curiosity, popping up in various corners and conversations on the internet.

The crew’s music has improved steadily–a key component of the “growth” process comprising actual growth–as material that would once upon a time be confined to bedrooms, garages, or cyphers now sees its way online, a continuous indicator of behind-the-scenes evolution. It isn’t always jaw-dropping and improvement is often incremental, but releases like Dom McLennon’s ambitious THESIS and Ameer Vann’s “Disconsolate” show an abundance of imagination and talent in perpetual forward motion.

While prior releases have revealed Abstract to be both charismatic and sharp with his words, new single “Save” is easily his most impressive creation to date–piercingly autobiographical, emotional, and effective in its free-form approach. If it’s any indicator of what’s to come on the 17-year-old rapper’s still-untitled upcoming project, the Atlanta-based, Texas-born Abstract is beginning to take the leap from unmolded potential into being a budding voice with a story to tell.

Listen to “Save” below.