It’s been great to see Madeaux’s progress from the promising young producer who made us this mix back in 2012 to a focused and well-rounded artist who is about to release his debut album, Love The Machine. He’s been sharing a new track from the record each week, and the four released already are a great demonstration of Madeaux’s talents and the different styles he can incorporate into his production.

Epinephrine,” featuring Gallant, is a futuristic blend of falsetto vocals and pounding production while “Revisionist” has a footwork influence while still retaining that Madeaux signature sensory overload of colorful synths. “Chakra,” premiered here, shines with a wonderful interplay between ghostly, delicate moments and those cavernous square wave basslines (first heard around the 1.15 mark) that are the signature of a lot of grime instrumentals.

Basically, this is a brilliantly unique and inventive track, and just confirms what we knew all along—everyone should be paying attention to Madeaux. Listen to “Chakra,” featuring the vocals of Fifi Rong, below, and the four previously released songs at the bottom of the page.

Download “Chakra” via Madeaux’s Facebook here.