Denzel Himself is a 19-year-old rapper/producer hailing from South London, and for his latest work, he’s teamed up with Los Angeles-based Pyramid Vritra for an official “Spool” remix. “This is my first official remix for an artist I’ve always respected and looked up to,” Denzel says. “Me and him working together was always inevitable because we dug each other’s work, so there was no better time than his Stones Throw album debut!” He produced the beat and added a verse, and Pyramid Vritra actually re-recorded his vocals specifically to fit.

Pyramid Vritra has been making music since he was 10 years old. He founded the hip-hop collective NRK (Nobody Really Knows) when he was in high school, then linked up with Matt Martians of Odd Future and formed The Super 3 production group. Soon after, he and Martians formed The Jet Age of Tomorrow. Despite his success, he keeps things low key, driving a forklift at a home improvement store in Los Angeles by day, not mentioning his music to coworkers. His debut album is out on Stones Throw now. Get it here, and listen to the “Spool” remix below.