As soon as my first play of Daniel Wilson’s “Will You” ended, I knew I needed to hear more music from the 23 year old native of Ypsilanti, Michigan. His voice, gorgeously crystal clear and sitting somehwere between Antony Hegarty’s androgynous vocals and Bon Iver’s slightly warmer, fuller falsetto, is the kind of asset most artists can only dream of, and it is used to full effect across the excellent Young Rubbish EP.

Rather than sticking to the gentle, choral sound of “Will You,” Wilson experiments on the EP, with bold synths on “Trigger Dance” and a brilliant slow-build that gives way to a real hands in the air moment on “If You Talk.” Personal favorite “Young Rubbish” shows of yet another side of Wilson, as he does his best Beatles impression with a jaunty, bouncy guitars and a chorus that needs to be chanted in dusty, dim-lit bars everywhere.

Listen to the Daniel Wilson’s fantastic debut EP Young Rubbish below (for the US premiere), and buy it via Bandcamp here.