Allie X’s previous song “Prime” was a whirling sugar rush of sharp hooks and laser-like synths, so as “Bitch” approaches the first hook—albeit after a darker, moodier first verse—you’d be forgiven for expecting a big, bright chorus to burst forth. But no, instead we get something much more interesting, a distorted chant that sounds like a pop song dipped in industrial strength acid and slowly decaying in front of you.

It’s a wild and brilliant ride, and much more interesting than yet another straightforward synth-pop song. “Bitch” was shared with the following message. Listen and download below.

My shadow and I have come to an understanding. I can no longer deny his #Xsistence nor can I suppress her instincts. I know this because I have tried. I really have. Our approach is quite domestic: Early bedtimes, frequent simple meals and bite sized portions. In #Xchange, a few times a week, we go to the circus. A dangerous, but necessary descent. How do you live with yourself? #Xchange

(The Fader)