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Daily Discovery is a feature that will highlight a new or recently discovered artist that we’re excited about. See the rest of our Daily Discoveries here.

Did you listen to Tobias Jesso Jr.’sJust A Dream” when we posted it last year?

The experience was like being a fly on the wall in someone’s home as they played and sung for no reason other than pure personal emotional release.

Listening to Johnny LLoyd’s “Dead Beat” gives me a similar feeling—is this a lost demo tape from 30 years ago? It’s so hushed and lo-fi and shot through with a magical, intimate melancholy that I feel like Lloyd is sitting right in front of me, spilling his heart out as he strums his guitar.

“Pilgrims” feels a little more upbeat, but only thanks to the percussion, and that softly spoken nostalgia is still well and truly present. We have little information on Johnny Lloyd beyond his simple Twitter or Facebook accounts, so just let the music sink in, and let’s hope that he doesn’t wait as long as Tobias (nine months and counting) to give us more great music.