We talk a lot about new artists whose music is a blend of varying genres, like electro-r&b or synth-pop. But GUNAKADEIT’s sound is a cultural melting pot, influenced by all the different places she’s traveled to and lived in. The singer (real name Natasha Kozaily) has roots in the Caribbean, Europe, The Middle East and America and her wild, new-age pop gem “South,” is a perfect reflection of this. Says Kozaily of the track:

The song ‘South’ is about finding solitude and comfort in your life when everything is overwhelming and following your intuition. It’s so easy to get swept away in it all, in all the ideas being thrown our way. But deep down, we all have a direction we truly want and need to go in. We just have to find the strength to listen.

I’ve always loved traditional music from around the world. The music of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans are especially fascinating to me. Different scales, odd time meters, polyrhythms, so different from Western Music but no less grooving and moving. It’s refreshing to understand and hear music from a unique perspective. And taking elements of the traditional and mixing it into a pop context is so much fun. That’s what GUNAKADEIT is all about.

Listen to GUNAKADEIT’s fantastic “South” below.