UPDATE: This whole thing turned out to be fake. The kid who emailed planned it on a Charles Hamilton thread on the KanyeToThe forum. He posts under the name “fuckblogs.”

A response on Charles’ blog reads:

My Heart is from 2010
The Zone is from 2007

Either y’all are trying to piss me off, or y’all just want to hear from me again. Regardless, people are “talking about me”, and I guess that’s a good thing.

Right now, I’m focused on Man of the House, as it might be better than Unforgiven.

Something tells me I should just BELIEVE Tim Cook is the new Apple CEO. For a few reasons. It’s too much for the people around me to believe, I don’t feel like I’m doing enough, and I’m too loyal to SEGA to accept a high-powered computer company wants me to be the leader.

I’m not giving in or stepping down. I just want to say this. You have to want me before you get me. And that goes to everyone. You want me around, keep me around. And don’t use my abilities and knowledge against me for your own benefit.

That goes to journalists and close friends.

I want to be wanted. I have to be wanted.

And I don’t think y’all want me. I’m just convenient.

Earlier this week we posted about a new Charles Hamilton interview in which he says a lot of things, including that he believes Drake is an alien. He then posted a response to the reactions the interview sparked. Today, an unfamiliar email address (who later identified himself as Zach Gero) sent the following:

yo. I see you had a post about Charles Hamiltons recent interview. would be cool if you uploaded these new STUDIO RECORDED & MASTERED albums :-)… My Heart & The Zone

Sure enough, two attached folders were full of Charles Hamilton music. I asked how he got them.

I know Charles personally. He told me to leak these albums. Even has the Pharrell track there on My Heart. Oh, and, Charles is well aware of the leaks, like I said I know him personally and he told me to leak it. My Heart is Charles’ attempt at killing the mainstream and radio and The Zone is that classic 2008 Charles Hamilton sound everyone begs for

So how is Charles? What’s he up to?

Over the past year and a half or so he’s been back and forth between Harlem & London working on a gang of new music. Initially it was just going to be a ghost-writing/production deal but now is actually gonna be a full album deal with Turn First Records. He’s doing A LOT better mentally and physically these days (but, of course, is just as eccentric as ever, hence that interview, lol). You can find him at or

So here we are, with two new Charles Hamilton albums, My Heart and The Zone. Listen to both projects below (now deleted).