A new Kanye West song called “God Level” has surfaced in a newly released Adidas campaign. Titled The Dream: all in or nothing, the commercial features numerous soccer* stars, alongside another doozy of a Kanye quotable: “You see sharks in the water and they try to do nothing but put cocks in your daughter.” Alongside that biting line is particularly rugged production.

Yep, it sounds like Kanye is keeping things experimental in 2014, and that only sounds like a good thing to us. Hopefully this lands up on the follow-up to Yeezus, but no word as of yet where it’ll end up if anywhere. Hudson Mohawke has confirmed via Facebook that the track was produced by himself, 88Keys, Kanye West, Mike Dean, and Noah Goldstein.

Listen to an extended preview (or the full thing, it’s not entirely clear) here, and watch the commercial above.

UPDATE: The extended version on Adidas’ Soundcloud (the url was “adidas-the-dream-ft-an-exclusive-kanye-west-track-for-the-all-in-or-nothing-campaign”), has now been removed. You can still check out the commercial above.

UPDATE 2: There is what seems to be an extended version of the track here, but it will probably get taken down soon.

*It pains me to write that as a British writer, trust me.