Unless you’ve been stuck under a rock for the past year, we can only assume that New York City’s grittiest hip-hop trio Ratking has crossed your radar. The group started perking ears up in 2012 with the release of their debut EP Wiki93

Since then, we’ve been patiently awaiting their follow-up, which came in the form of 2014’s So It Goes LP, which dropped on XL Recordings in April. So It Goes sees Ratking’s unique sound and sonic aesthetic gamed out in full: gritty, young, but mature without falling into traps of overt self-seriousness.

And it’s also an incredible demonstration of artistic growth. Wiki93 showed moments of brilliance, a perfect projection of potential to be realized, and So It Goes realizes just those things. If it’s the sound of anything, it’s young people making brilliantly untethered hip-hop that 2014 needs. And so despite out better judgement, Complex News hauled a rented P.A. in the office, and invited Wiki, Sporting Life, and Hak for an intimate live performance, and also chopped it up with the trio about their origins, influences, and future goals. If you’re still reading this, stop, look above, and press play.

Ratking’s currently on tour, and all upcoming dates can be found here.—Sean Stout