Just last week we were helping you waste hours of your time with the 808 Cube, a type of musical Rubix cube that was incredibly addictive, and here’s another web-based time-eater. With Patatap, each key on your keyboard¬†is mapped to a sound and matching visual effects, meaning you can use your keyboard as a sort of sample triggering device, and also hear your name or other words represented musically.

Patatap Tunes is dedicated to the distribution of scores to make tunes on Patatap. Patatap was created by visual developer Jonobr1 and the musical duo Lullatone. Patatap Tunes was an initiative by the Dutch student and creative entrepreneur TM Wassenberg.

Check out some awesome beats people have made using the app here, and test it out above (click on the grey square and start hitting keys on your keyboard to begin).