Blue Daisy June 2014

While performing in London as part of a residency for BBC Radio 1, rapper and producer Blue Daisy dropped his latest piece of music titled “Angels and Demons.” The British talent who released his Psychotic Love EP earlier this year—including the standout track “Fallin’ Circles”—returns with a vengeance, and with a song that seems much more about demons than angels. After allowing the tame piano to draw you in, Blue Daisy pounces, leaving little doubt of his intention as he aggressively etches his compelling rhymes into memory over ominous production.

The dark and experimental track will be a part of his newest venture, an almost-completed project being released through 37 Adventures. Listen and watch “Angels and Demons” below, and if you’re in London, be sure to catch Blue Daisy opening for Public Enemy on June 7 at the Electric Brixton.