Earlier this week, the music world very unfortunately lost the legendary Bobby Womack. The highly influential R&B singer/songwriter passed away at the age of 70 on Friday, and while no major details have been revealed yet, Womack had been battling a number of health complications over the years.

To pay tribute to the legend, 9th Wonder quickly put together a tribute mixtape titled Farewell to the Soul Man, a collection of 9th Wonder’s original production that heavily samples classics by Womack. R.I.P. Bobby Womack.

Download Farewell to the Soul Man below.


01. Bobby Temptation
02. Bobby’s Lord
03. Bobby’s Follow
04. Bobby’s LaLaLa
05. Bobby’s Speed
06. Bobby’s Prove Ya Love
07. Bobby’s Things
08. Bobby’s Bobby’s Stop On Bye……
09. Bobby’s Hiding Place
10. Bobby’s Your Kind
11. Bobby’s Check Me Out

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