I was really hoping that new Grimes song would have more yelping. Grimes yelps a lot during her live shows, but her new trap/dubstep-flavored track has ZERO yelping. Luckily, Toronto-based singer/producer Lowell yelps. Here’s her latest song, “I Love You Money.” It’s catchy, so you can jump around and yelp to it, but as with most of her stuff, it’s got a DIY spirit.

Lowell’s We Loved Her Dearly is out September 16. Find more of her music here¬†or here.

We Loved Her Dearly tracklist:
01. Words Were The Wars
02. Cloud 69
03. Summertime
04. The Bells
05. 88
06. The Sun
07. Palm Trees
08. I Killed Sara V.
09. I Love You Money
10. LGBT
11. Tell Me What You Want Me To Do
12. Time I Lower Me Down