London singer Nao, who combined her rich voice with powerful production on the Kwabs-approved “Back Porch,” is back with a fresh and futuristic song, “So Good.” It’s got the kind of choppy, electronic beat that artists like Ben Khan and Jai Paul made their name singing soulfully over, and, funnily enough, it was produced by A.K. Paul, a songwriter and producer who has worked on a bunch of other albums recently (see Discogs), and also happens to be Jai’s brother.

A. K. Paul had a hand in the production of “BTSTU” and “Jasmine,” and “So Good” has a similar feel—futuristic and fresh while never losing its soul and funk roots. It’s great stuff from the two artists, regardless of any affiliations, and we hope they have more music on the way soon. If you live in London, check out Nao and Billie Black live at Electrowerkz on July 15. Tickets here.