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    I'm slightly ashamed to say it, but I'm one of those people who doesn't care much about albums. Thanks to the internet, my attention span is shrinking and most of the time, albums just seem like a waste of time. Like, just because a long time ago someone decided that music should be released in clumps of 10-20 songs, now every artist follows the format? What's so bad about just liking singles? Every now and then, an album will truly be a cohesive and complete piece of art, but let's be honest—a lot of the times they're just a few singles and a bunch of filler.

    This year so far, there aren't any albums that I loved that didn't make our best albums list, but cutting our best songs list down to just 50 was painful. Here are some of my personal favorite songs that got sacrificed.

    Misun - "Eli Eli" Misun's melodies are the best. I love almost everything this Washington, D.C.-based group does.

    Lana Del Rey - "Shades of Cool" Choosing a highlight off Lana Del Rey's new album isn't easy. It seems like everyone on the P&P staff had a different favorite. "Shades of Cool" is mine, for now.

    Fractures - "Won't Win" Ever love a song so much that you can't understand why the rest of the world isn't as obsessed? That's me with this. Me and the world are never on the same page.

    ZMoney - "Dope Boy Magic" ZMoney is the man. Can he please be famous by the end of the year?

    Bebe Panthere - "Competition" This is a competition, this is a competition, this is a competition...

    A. G. Cook ft. Hannah Diamond - "Keri Baby" Everything PC Music releases still blows my mind.

    Sway Clarke II - "Secret Garden" Sway comes with that Frank Ocean/Elton John type of piano bounce. He's only got two songs out, but he's two for two.