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    Constant Gardner


    Grime is in rude health right now, right across the genre, from the biggest crossover tune (the catchy "German Whip," which reached 13 in the UK charts—no mean feat for a grime tune) to the genre's weirdest, most experimental outer reaches. Two of the biggest songs out now, one by a true OG and one by a 17-year-old MC, are representative of this.

    First up, Skepta and JME's "That's Not Me" (produced by Skepta) is a throwback to grime's early days, from the minimal, icy beat to the simple video. On the other end of things there's Mumdance and Novelist's "Take Time," where the young MC flows over futuristic, stop-start production. It shouldn't really work, but it does.

    Dark0 - "Sweet Boy Pose (Boxed VIP)" Dark0's VIP of his tune "Sweet Boy Pose" is packed with anthemic melody after melody—this is on some HudMo/TNGHT levels of crossover awesomeness. How could anyone not get hype hearing this one? Banger.

    Actress - Ghettoville LP It may take a bit of time to really get into and appreciate, but once you give it enough time and get through the inaccessible fog of the album's first few songs, it really unfurls into an amazing journey through a twisted, futuristic world. Definitely one the grows on you.