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    Joe Price


    I find lists really hard to do. It's probably something to do with my attention span, but I just can't order the things that I like. So instead, I make up a category for everything, so everyone is a winner. As far as I'm concerned, we're all winners in 2014, and I'm a massive cornball. It's been a fantastic year so far, so here are some of my favourite music things that done happened this year.

    Favourite Emo Album Antwon's Heavy Hearted in Doldrums, is at its heart, an emo album. He's still talking about the ladies and what he likes to do with them, but there's a considerably sadder tone to it than his previous material. He's always lamented romance, but it just possess a heavier sense of of depression this time around. And hey, to those saying that calling this an emo album is derogatory, y'all best do your research and get into that REAL emo shit.

    Favourite Album that Actually Sounds Kinda Gross Tobacco has been making some pretty twisted sounding beatwork for a while, but Ultima II Massage is by far his most disturbed sounding record. As Tobacco himself put it: "I got kicked out of Daft Punk and died and am trying to communicate with you through your uncle's pussy. Ghostly International recorded the EVP and released Ultima." Yep, that about sums it up.

    Most Fun Song So Yung Lean is a thing a lot people hate, but those people are squares. "Yoshi City" isn't really the best of songs, yet it's so much fun that I don't even care. Love or loathe him, Yung Lean is here to stay, and he thrives on your tears. Your bitter tears are his bidet.

    Most Adorable Drake Moment Drake is pretty goofy, but he's also pretty awesome. I want to give him a hug, I reckon he'd smell really nice. Here's him using a lint roller.