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    Jules Muir


    Odesza - "Sun Models" A lovely, bubbly track. I can't get over this one, from the distant falsettos to the thoughtful electronics, Seattle duo Odesza kills it and in turn delivers one of my favorite songs of the year.

    Lucki Eck$ - "Reflections" I don't really know what it is about Lucki Eck$, but he's quickly become one of my favorite rappers. I love the storytelling, the Chicago inflection, and I eagerly await any new release.

    Hibou - "Hide Away" This is a dreamy indie-pop oasis. When I find a shoegaze-y band I like, I end up really really liking them, Hibou is one of those bands. Peter Michel has his craft down, and on Hide Away I think he's near his best. Hibou is one to watch.

    Oberhofer - "Luven Me" This was just brilliant to me. It's a rad cover of a song you would absolutely never think Oberhofer would do, and well, that's part of what makes it so intriguing and appealing. The song works in introducing two genres to each other that have never really formally met, it's a creative gem.

    Deers - "Bamboo" Sure the 'rough demo' aesthetic is not really new, but something about Deers makes me listen up. It seems so genuine, like you're listening to them just having fun making this song in their makeshift home studio. It's like letting you in on a secret, showing you the raw, uncut side to their music. It doesn't hurt that it's extremely catchy.

    Lil Silva - "Mabel" This guy is a talent, and after producing some of Banks' best songs, Lil Silva busts out on his own and releases this masterpiece. "Your love won't fade away," "Your love won't fade away."