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    While I normally show my ass (figuratively, not literally) over on DAD, I love being able to hit P&P and indulgeĀ  my non-electronic music side when need be. These are cuts that I fuck with that didn't make it to P&P's mid-year list(s), for a number of reasons...

    Bobby Shmurda - "Hot Nigga"

    This cut not making it anywhere on P&P makes sense; the video's been out since March, but it's really only impacted the world in the last few weeks. Dude's got Chief Keef energy, but represents Brooklyn. No nonsense on this, plus he likes to dance. Officially my summer anthem.

    DJ Rashad ft. Gant-Man - "Somethin 'Bout The Things U Do"

    When Rashad passed back in April, people were saying "sorry" to me, like I knew the guy. Was my love for his music that apparent? I'm not sure. When I got the call that night from someone who said he might have passed, I had to get off the phone, pacing while saying "FUCK!" very loud (glad my son wasn't home). Dude's music was so full of life, and he was definitely way too young to pass. This is the last track on his first posthumous EP. Something about him and Gant flipping "I Feel For You" is fitting.

    Need For Mirrors - "Bredren"

    I love quality drum & bass from all angles, but the sounds of the V Recordings/Full Cycle/Philly Blunt era of the late '90s will always be "me." This cut "Bredren" from N4M sounds like it's from 1997, but I swear it came out this year.

    The Roots - "The Dark (Trinity)"

    Truth be told, I didn't make it all the way through The Roots' ...and then you shoot your cousin. I love The Roots, but this life makes it so I don't get that time to listen to entire albums I'm not covering. I think I heard him spit this on a Shade45 TownHall, and had to go to the album and find it. Something about the depressing feel, from the reality of the lyrics to the pianos and crispy drums... this is me on a rainy day, wet socks and all.

    DJ Rashad x DJ Spinn x Taso - "Luchini VIP"

    Three of the best to do it in footwork linking up to rework one of my favorite hip-hop tracks of all time? Fitting tribute to the life and spirit of DJ Rashad.