Australian newcomer Banoffee has swooped back into our collective consciousness today with “Got It,” an Oscar Key Sung-produced gem off her upcoming debut EP.

To recap: Banoffee (born Martha Brown) popped onto our radar with “Ninja” and “Reign Down,” two delicious morsels of electro-pop that showcased a down-under grit barely disguised by feather-light vocals and sparkling synth patches. Banoffee first teamed with Key Sung on “Reign Down,” and the two have taken things to new heights on “Got It.”

Oscillating octaves set the stage for Banoffee’s rhythmic gymnastics in the song’s first moments, and Key Sung layers drums and instruments bit by bit through the verses to build out the sound around Brown’s vocals. As with previous efforts, Banoffee has struck gold with “Got It.” It’s a song you can sink into, a current as smooth as it is comfortable. Stream below: