Broods’ last song “Mother & Father” sounded like a step forward. Not that the New Zealand duo’s earlier music wasn’t good, but this felt like the next level in the young group’s progression. Early hits like “Bridges” did a lot to build buzz, but they still felt a little restrained, like there was more untapped potential. “Mother & Father” was more full and more accessible. It is the kind of complete pop song the group would need to cross over into the mainstream realm and away from the fickle indie buzz band territory. With “L.A.F.,” Broods is proving that it wasn’t just a stroke of luck. The duo has figured out how to stay true to their style while making it bigger and better, and it’s working out great. Expect big things.

About the name on this one, Broods singer Georgia Nott told MTV, “We come up with something really silly and just kept it. It’s a really dumb acronym to something rude … The first two letters are ‘loose as.’”