After releases that were dotted throughout 2013, and word of a new album, Fryars has confirmed a release date, tracklist, and artwork for Power. “Pretty Ones Fly Highest” follows “The Power,” “On Your Own,” “Sequoia / Can’t Stop Loving You” (which are being combined into one song, according to the tracklist), and “Cool Like Me” as another piece of “the soundtrack to a film that doesn’t exist.”

Benjamin Garrett, the man behind Fryars, has recently worked on big pop songs with Rae Morris and Lily Allen, and although he’s always had a keen ear for a catchy hook, in his own music that is tempered by offbeat flourishes that keep thing continually interesting.

Power is out November 17 (Europe )/ 18 (US). Listen to “Prettiest Ones Fly Highest” below.

Power Tracklist:

01 (Power Up)
02 On Your Own
03 In My Arms
04 Don’t Make It Hard On Yourself
05 Love So Cold
06 Prettiest Ones Fly Highest
07 (Dialogue 1)
08 China Voyage
09 Sequoia Can’t Stop Loving You
10 The Power
11 (Dialogue 2)
12 Thing Of Beauty
13 (Tide You Over)
14 Cool Like Me
15 (Over And Out)