With each new song, we’ve been steadily more enchanted by Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Nick Hakim’s soulful sound since we first got familiar at the beginning of the year. There’s a mournful fog hanging heavy across the five-track EP, which includes previously heard gems “Pour Another” and “Cold,” as Hakim’s heartfelt vocals are accompanied by twinkling piano. He says of the EP:

I was caught in a hazy gloom, alone in my room, filled up with booze while writing this music. I would write very early in the morning after nights of no sleep. Dunkin Donuts coffee was my friend. I would set up a mic, record, and later make sense of whatever came out.

Nick Hakim’s debut EP Where Will We Go Pt.1 is out July 14 via his own label Earseed Records, check it out below.