Joel Compass is another young talent from the UK who is keeping pop music exciting and vibrant in 2014 with his heartfelt, R&B-tinged sound. Since we first heard from Joel with the awesome “Back To Me” video, he’s been making all the right moves, releasing the strong debut¬†Astronaut EP¬†last year and even having Pusha T remix one of his songs.

The next step is Joel’s debut album, which will be out later this year, and to give us a flavor of the record he’s put together a six track mixtape of all new songs, which we’re pleased to premiere below. Some of the songs will appear on the album and some are unfinished demos, but what’s best about the tape is that it shows off the young singer’s range, from the choppily soulful “She Wants To Know” to the deliciously sweet pop of “Vanilla” to the house-y thump of “Demons.”

Grab a free download of the impressive mixtape from the Suundcloud player and check the tracklist beneath that.

She Wants To Know
No Last Kiss
Smoking Rage