It would be easy to argue that we’re reaching critical mass with the amount of ’80s-influenced synth-pop bands around lately, but sometimes you find a band that truly does it right. One of those is the Brooklyn based brother-sister duo Paperwhite, who had a sizable portion of the internet swooning over their dreamy sophomore single “Magic” not too long ago. Today they’re back with another brilliant new tune, “Take Me Back”.

“Take Me Back” is filled with hazy pop hooks and shimmering synths that fans of bands like M83 will adore, and Katie Marshall’s sweet vocals make it a perfect addition to your summer playlist. The song tells a tale of a woman who asks that she receive an equal amount of respect and love in a relationship and how being confident enough to ask for that in the first place is sometimes the hardest part.

Katie Marshall explained the track in a statement, saying it “gives me a lot of energy.” “That feeling of just putting what you want out there and the confidence that holds those words is there. For me, the song puts everything on the table and asks for mutual respect and admiration. Growing up as a very shy girl, I find that putting yourself out there is half the battle.” Her brother Ben Marshall adds, “This one definitely has some throw-back vibes on it. I had a good time throwing in some simmons toms, and other ’80s electronic elements. It just sort of called for an empowering feel, and the ’80s sparkle made it fun.”

Their next show isn’t on August 2 at the Cameo Gallery in New York, but for now, get familiar with “Take Me Back” by streaming it below.